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York Barbell Pro Series 204 Barbell Support - Product FAQ

How high in inches is the top of the lowest safety bar setting? I have a low bench and want to be sure I can use the safety setting effectively.

26.5" for lowest one and 36" for highest one.

Can you perform full range decline bench presses with the safety hooks system?

It depends on the height of the bench you are using. There are six side bar positions you can choose from: the lowest possible bar resting position is 26.5" from the floor to the top of the bar, the next up is 28.5", the next up is 30.5", the next up is 32.5", the next up is 34.5" and the highest possible position is 36.5" from the floor to the top of the bar. These measurements are from the surface of the floor to the top part of the side bars where your bar would actually make contact if dropped.

I am interested in this rack, specifically for squatting. I am 6 foot 2, anyone my height have one of these and have issues?

You will not have issue at that height.

How wide can it be adjusted to? I don't understand the length and width measurements of 6" x 24", is that really accurate?

You can adjust the safety bar width from 36" width out to the width to handle a 7 ft Olympic bar. 

What's the weight capacity?

You should not put over 315 lbs on the safety bars.


What's the depth of the squat rack? As in, for squats, how far can I step back from the hooks and still be over the safety bars?

The length of the safety bars from the uprights are 14". The front floor brace lays about 14" as well. When you lift off with the bar, you don't have to take a big step back to perform a squat.

How long are the safety bars? Are they short, making it it feel cramped or is there plenty of room to move forward after loading the bar on your back?

There are 14 inches between the uprights.


Is it adjustable on the width of the curl bar? Such as, would he be able to place a curl bar on it for bench pressing?

The width of this unit is adjustable from 30.5” to 49.5”.  Our curl bars do fall within this range and can be used with this.


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