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D-Ball Medicine Ball Guide

D-Ball Medicine Ball Guide Image


D-Ball medicine balls come in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights to train a variety of physical modalities. In general, smaller and lighter balls should be used to train for speed and agility, while heavier medicine balls are used for strength-based or power training.

  1. Determine whether the ball will be used for throwing, catching, or simply added resistance as this will determine whether you should select a standard ball or a specialty ball.
  2. Choose a weight that is heavy enough to slow the motion but not so heavy that accuracy, control, or range of motion are lessened. Fatigue at the end of a workout will diminish motor skills, therefore choosing a ball that allows you to maintain control even when tired is imperative.
  3. For power training, it is recommended you choose a ball that is 30-50% of the one rep max of a similar weight training exercise.
  4. To ensure progressive training over time, be sure to choose a medicine ball set that allows you to continually increase the weight for various exercises you will be performing while still maintaining control.
  5. It is often better to choose a lighter ball and gradually increase the resistance over time. This ensures proper technique is learned and maintained.
  6. Choose the size of medicine ball based on the specific movements that you will be doing. For example, medicine ball throws and slams may require a medium sized ball, while medicine ball cleans may work better with a much larger ball.