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York Barbell Warranty

STS Warranty:

  • 5 years: Frame

  • 5 years: Bearings/bushings

  • 1 year: Cables

  • 90 days: Upholstery (for wear-through and stitching)

  • 1 year: All other parts


Platforms & Plyometric Boxes Warranty

One year: Conditional warranty on frame and construction due to defects in material and workmanship only.

90-days: Urethane finish and rubber. No warranty on custom logos.

Note: This warranty does not cover warping, cracking, or other environmental damage. Warranty does not cover damage to the wood or urethane finish caused by equipment (i.e. street shoes without rubber athletic soles; weight plates, bars, benches or other hard objects dropped on the wood portion of the platform).


Iron And Steel Warranty

  • 1 year: Elite Olympic Competition Bars and York Olympic Training Bars.*

  • 1 year: Power Bars.***

  • 1 year: International bars.*

  • 1 year: Elite Competition Bumper Plates.**

  • 1 year: Urethane-covered plates.**

  • 1 year: Rubber-covered plates.**

  • 1 year: Pro-Style Dumbells.**

  • 1 year: Rubber Hex Dumbells.**

  • 1 year: Rubber Training Bumper Plates.**

  • 90 days: Accessory machine handles.**

* Warranty covers defects in structural integrity only; does not include bending.

** Covers defects in the structural integrity only. Coatings not warranted.

*** Warrant covers breakage only; does not include bending.

Warranty does not cover power bars used for Olympic style lifting movements. Only Elite Olympic Competition and Olympic Training Bars should be used for Olympic-lifting movements. Warranty does not cover coating (urethane, rubber, chrome, or paint).

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